You’ve Got To Make Your Bed

A Little Motivation Please…

The Saturday before last, felt it was deemed to be a wasteful day for me. I could just feel it coming. I had all the best intentions, for my sacred time-off at the weekend, but for some reason I just woke up that Saturday morning, feeling sluggish and de-motivated. My plans to get the hoovering done and the garage organised first thing… basically went down the toilet. I was slow that morning – at best… and the more sluggish and slow that I was – the more guilty and dissatisfied with myself I became.

So, what did I do next ? Well, I had a little word with myself – and I then went upstairs… and I made my bed… nothing more. For something that sounds to be, such a simple and mundane task… for me – it completely salvaged the rest of my Saturday. And – here’s why…

Making my bed almost – first-thing that morning; meant that I had accomplished, the very-first task of my day… after fixing breakfast for my son that is. It meant that I had to move my body – instead of just flopping on the sofa. It also meant, that I had to pick the cushions up off the floor… and decide on how to make the room look aesthetically pleasing again.

I repeat, as mundane as it may sound – this one simple task, taking less than five minutes of my time – ended up being, the ultimate gateway… to the meaningful and productive day that would follow. It got me up and movingwhich is always a good start, it then got me thinking creativelyawakening my mind; and most importantly – I could feel the endorphins being released… as I began to acquire a small sense of achievement and pride.

As I admired, my immaculately made up bed – my energy levels began to increase leaps and bounds. The uncomplicated task – of making my bed, had spurred me on… to crack on with my household tasks... and before I knew it not only had I got myself ready to go out, I had also – hoovered the house, put the washing on… and cleared some of the junk out of the garage… all by 11am!

You see, making your bed in the morning, I feel – is what separates us, from the ‘teenager’ that once was – to the adult who now is. And as drastic as it may sound… bare with me on this; but, an un-made bed to me – would be the perfect portrayal, of a juvenile mind. It would be the representation, of a person who is struggling to master the smaller things in life. A-fully-made-bed on the other hand… represents a matured individual the adult who has learnt to master the smaller things; and who is therefore equipped to handle the larger things to come.

I should probably say – that I’m certainly not suggesting that you’re a child… if you do happen to leave your bed unmade – we all do it from time-to-time ; ). But what I am saying, is that it’s the smaller details in life that really matter… and that are unfortunately – often overlooked. If you’re reading this post… and you do happen to be feeling a bit sluggish or just generally down then I have a special request for y o u. As soon as you put-down your phonego and make your bed my friend… if you haven’t already that is!

Because, you may just find, that your beautifully made-up cosy-pit… provides you with just enough incentive – to get everything done that you need to do today : ).

I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on all things motivation… so please leave a comment down below and subscribe to – Beauty and the Mum =)

With warm wishes as always,

Fly on the wall

AKA – Olivia


2 Replies to “You’ve Got To Make Your Bed”

  1. I see it as the “snowball effect”. One step in the right direction leads to another, and another. Same can be said for a step in the wrong direction. Something as simple and seemingly insignificant as making the bed set the pace for a productive day. I’m definitely taking a page out of this book!

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  2. Haha, god absolutely – 100 % .. it’s a complete snowball effect isn’t it and yep… unfortunately all too true, for the little footsteps in the wrong direction as well … it’s funny how we operate in our human minds =) Such complex creatures we are ;p kind of fascinating =)

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