Welcome to the blog by me – Olivia Christina ; )

Dear readers,

It’s lovely to see you here at my website – very special indeed.

It’s been a long time coming; and something that I have wanted to crack on with – for a very long time now.

You may sometimes hear me refer to myself as ‘Fly’ – but we will get to that part shortly. For the main part though – I’m just a normal working mum, to my beautiful little boy.

In the safe surrounds of Beauty & The Mum, I will be sharing with you – everything from my favourite hair and makeup tricks as a mum, all the way to my ‘deep-to-the-core’ experiences. I will be opening up to you – and sharing my very personal thoughts and feelings, on parenting and life as it unfolds.

Join me in my journey – and my very busy mind 😉

With warm wishes,

Olivia Christina

AKA – Fly on the wall xo


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