You’ve Just Landed in The Bizarre World – of Life, Chaos and Fun

An ‘adult’ night out – we dance the night away… #It’sGottaBeDone !!

Welcome to the world of me – Olivia Christina.

I will admit, that I have a particularly ‘busy’ mind. The kind of mind that I struggle to switch off from time-to-time. I have often found myself wondering, what it would feel like – to be a fly on the wall for a day… to just watch how I function for a little while.

I’ve often wondered, if my thoughts and feelings are ‘normal’ – and whether or not I should feel guilty, for enjoying some ‘me’ time. For taking that thirty minutes out, to try a new hairstyle. For painting my nails – which is pretty rare to be fair; and for doing what I lovemost of all in the world (after my son of course)writing !

It’s time for me to put ‘pen to paper’ – and share my stories with you. My journey – my busy mind.

A life full of dreams and ambitions, closely followed by a completely unexpected pregnancy. Follow my jumbled up world, the world of a passionate working mum – just a very normal mum… endeavouring to maintain her individuality and identity. The unconditional love though… the unbreakable commitment and bond, that comes with a beautiful child. It’s been one heck of a journey – a journey of confusion, clarity – and purpose.

If you enjoy a real-life story – the kind that will clasp your subconscious mind – bringing you to a natural epiphany, that we’re all only human… then for you my friend – I write this with you in mind. Through the gift of truth and words; I write to share and connect with you… to bring you some alternative; and hopefully refreshing perspectives on life, relationships, parenting and the mind the most self-destructive weapon to exist – if we allow it to that is.

And to turn on the lights, when it’s getting a little bit deep – I will be sharing with you, some fun and uplifting, beauty tips, tricks and videos ;p.

Beauty & The Mum brings you, an open and honest website – encompassing the highs and the lows… that come with being a parent. B&M – a catalogue of heartfelt, silly and humorous anecdotes – and of course not forgetting my personal beauty tips and tricks! I look forward to sharing my space with you.

P.s. I also look forward, to being the fly on the wall for a moment – to get the chance to observe me… from the ‘outside in’ ; )

With love and warm wishes,

Fly on the wall 😉

AKA Olivia xo

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