The Quick Messy Bun – A Mum’s Guide For When Time Is Limited

Hello lovely people – I’m really delighted to see you here… at Beauty & The Mum =)

Today, I am going to talk about – the topic of TIME – a touchy subject for some of us… I’m almost sure of.

Instead of just talking about it though – my intention for this post… is to offer you some ways, to save precious time in your mornings. With this exciting thought in mind – I will be sharing with you, my favourite hair-hacks – that will no-doubt shave off some minuteswhen you need to get out that front door !

In a nut shell – as my life began to evolve in various ways, I certainly came to realise, that as a mum of a little tot, finding time for myselfwas indeed going to be tough. Everything-had-changed. While plenty of things have in fact changed for me, in such stunningly-beautiful waysat times it can also feel as though; there just aren’t enough hours in my day. As a mum – I can often feel like I fail – to tick off my growing ‘to do list’ – and even worse… fail to make myself look presentable at times. Not an ideal reality right… ?!

When you’re a parent – there’s this little human-being ‘creature’, just wanting to follow you around… all of the time. Yes – a real little personand in any ‘spare’ moment, that you might manage to grab for yourself… boom they appear! Of course, daddy may be watching your little tot… but when toddler sees mummy taking a moment to herself… they just have to be part of that moment too. In all – your free time belongs to your little beauty. What’s yours is theirs… and what’s theirs is erm… usually their own 😆.

I’ll say it – at times, it can be tiresome being a parent – and I feel that there should not be any shame in acknowledging this. It isn’t meant in a derogatory way – in any way shape or form. My son is my life – he is my world – and I adore him – – – as you will adore your tots too. B u t, as parents – this certainly doesn’t mean, that we shouldn’t find little ways – to help ourselves feel better from time-to-time ; )

Have a little watch of my video – it may just shine some light on some fantastic hair tricks, for when you are really lacking in… time:

I hope that you enjoyed this video, on how to take your ‘not-so-clean’ hair – and quickly turn it, into a completely acceptable messy-up-do. This versatile style, will work for a casual day look, a work look… and of course – it will be perfectly okay for an evening occasion too ; )

If, like me – you feel incredibly pushed for time sometimes, then feel free to give this convenient hair style a try; and do let me know your thoughts in the comments section below 🙂

Remember – it gets easier… with time!

With love and warm wishes,

Fly on the wall

AKA – Olivia xo


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