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Beautiful woman wearing dress made out of Autumn leaves
The Autumn Inspired Leaf Dress By Olivia Christina

What. is. it. about ‘The Fall‘… as our American friends would call it. How does this stunningly beautiful season even happen – each and every year?

The miraculous changes – the crispy clean air… the colours that quite simply come out of nowhere? It’s as though it’s Earth’s way of saying… yes, I’m sorry darlings – summer is over, but I’m going to make it up to you – with the most unparalleled, spectacular beauty… you will ever see. Let me stimulate every sense in your body. Let me inspire YOU.

A woman walking in stunning colourful Autumn leaves and trees with toddler
Autumn communicating with me ; )

Autumn talks to me – it quite literally absorbs me. And each year I’ve realised, that I become more and more… in. love. with. it. In love with the beauty it brings; and in some ways – a little bit like a teenage crush… infatuated with the way that it makes me feel. It’s short lived of course, but in the few weeks that it’s there… I’m inspired, I’m engaged – and I keep going back!

As always, we’d been out for a nice family walk… enjoying the stunning scenery that Oxfordshire has to offer. We had stopped by a beautiful woodsy place in the Cotswolds; when my little one began kicking colourful leaves around. I was suddenly completely captivated – literally in a trance… just absorbed by the different colours swirling around on the ground. I actually began pivoting around – doing slow-motion 360’s… taking mental photographs of every single detail in my surroundings. It was in that very moment, that I developed this burning desire… to create something, with what I was observing around me.

Family having a day out an Autumn walk in Oxfordshire surrounded by beautiful colourful leaves.
Autumn in Oxfordshire United Kingdom : )

So, it’s no joke – the very next day, I actually gathered up my little tot and ‘the old man‘… and we went leaf-picking – in the beautiful landscapes of Oxfordshire. The first day gathering leaves… was wet. Very wet and windy… so of course, it didn’t quite go to plan! By day two however, we had managed to collect an enormous assortment of all things Autumnhonestly… a bag of sheer beauty. A bag of colourful rays of sunshine – a bag depicting nothing but optimism and joy. At this point, it was like a surge of positive energy, was charging through my veins. I quite literally wanted to wear this feeling…and feel it all over my body.

And this is the moment I announced… ‘I’m going to create an Autumn dress – a dress of nature in its rawest most beautiful form’.

Creating an Autumn inspired leaf dress
Almost there…

Autumn to me, is one heck of a meaningful and powerful season. It is – the season to create… and the season to. let. go. By this I mean – to let go of any negative energy, that may be festering inside of us – to release it. Whatever that negativity may feel like, to you or to me; similarly to the autumn leaves – it is the time to let our colours stand out. It’s the time to grow through our emotions… and to nourish our souls, with the creative vibrations of this season. And, as the Autumn leaves fall – we learn to let go of the things we cannot change or control.

The Autumn air fills with beauty and wisdom – diversity at its greatest… the ultimate contrast of colour and shape. This exquisite season reminds us, that nothing is forever – both the good and the bad. It reminds us to connect with Earth and our truest selves.

My dress is the ultimate expression of me – ‘the introverted extrovert’ if you will. The ‘Fall Dress’ – encompassing the beauty of nature – elegance in the raw… connecting with Earth and suturing my roots – for once and for all. I’m in LOVE with The Fall.

Be kind to yourselves and the environment. Be compassionate towards others – and get creative : ). Also… do subscribe for more from Beauty & The Mum ; p

A woman wearing Mother Nature's dress - a dress made out of elegant Autumn leaves
Autumn Project… Complete – released on Halloween – rather in-keeping really ; )

With love and warm wishes,

Olivia …

or Fly ; )


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