Eczema Prone Skin…? Aveeno Moisturiser For Mums & Tiny-Tots

The Affordable Nourishing Skin Care For Baby & Mum

It’s often felt as though, I’m constantly on this never ending hunt… for reasonably priced moisturisers, that I can actually apply – all over my body. I’m not interested in hoarding a collection of lotions… for example – one for my hands and one for my feet – and then another one entirely for my body. I. just. want. one. One decent moisturiser, that I can literally slap all over myself – from head-to-toe… and. be. done. with. it.

Yep, I’ve tried all kinds of drugstore options, always in the hope of discovering, a less-expensive staple. I’ve picked lotions up in Boots and Superdrug; and every time thinking – oh yes, this will be the one; but nine-times-out-of-ten… I end up passionately… disliking them. I inevitably discover, that they’re either too greasy or sticky… or as they warm up – the scent turns me off. In all, I’ve identified two cheaper moisturisers, that I’ve been satisfied with. And. of. course… as it always goes – one was discontinued; and then the other was tampered with, by the Cosmo-Dermatologists – so the formula was no longer the same – boo.

I’m sure – similarly to many other ladies; this eventually bought me to the conclusion, that I should perhaps begin requesting the ‘good stuff’, each Birthday, Christmas, and Valentine’s Day! And sowhenever I was asked the question – ‘what would you like me to get for you’ – I would often ask for some outrageously priced bottle of potion, that claimed it would make me feel like a goddess… sent from somewhere out-of-Earth. And – – – erm… I’m still on Earth… well I think anyway !

Honestly, from Drugstore-galore… to the opposite end of the potion spectrum… i’ve certainly trundled through my fair share of cheap – and luxury skincare products. And while I’ll admit to you, that I do enjoy a couple of my branded lotions… I can now confidently advise you, that you can indeed – also find something perfectly decent – on a shelf in your local supermarket. And… we shall come to this part shortly ; )

So, it’s no secret – that I’ve always had problems identifying a lotion to suit my skin; but fast-forward to January 2018… and I was suddenly gifted a beautiful baby boy, who wait for it… had (and still has) problematic skin – Eczema. Oh. My. Lord…. so now, it was an ongoing cycle… of continuously being on the hunt; for a lotion to suit not only myself… but also my little tot! And honestlyeverything I tried for my son… wasn’t working. It was beginning to actually feel quite stressful!

Enter Aveeno…

Aveeno baby and mummy mom body moisturiser lotion for eczema prone skin
Aveeno Daily Moisturiser For Baby & Mum

I had spotted this Aveeno stuff on offer while shopping, but due to so many lotions only exacerbating my babies condition – I had gradually become rather sceptical… and actually pretty darned cautious about purchasing creams. I had liked the look of the Aveeno packaging… and also the product description, so I decided to have a look online to see what Aveeno was all about.

Okay, so in a nut shell… Aveeno is a holistic beauty brand, created by American brothers – ‘Sydney and Albert Musher‘, who’d basically had a fascination with oats – in relation to health, so began researching it in 1945. The renowned ‘Mayo Clinic‘ dermatologists, recognised the brothers work… and not too long after – the Aveeno brand was born!

Aveeno has published seventy years of clinical evidence, supporting the benefits of oats… and other natural ingredients. In all, Aveeno specialise in the utilisation of ‘nature’s ingredients‘ – to create lotions designed to balance and regenerate the skin. Aveeno’s signature product (now used by me) – consists of ‘finely-milled colloidal oatmeal‘… intended to ‘heal dry and compromised skin‘… as they say.

So, after doing some homework on Aveeno, I was pretty much drawn in… by the sheer simplicity of the ingredients. I loved the look of the packaging; and I hadn’t actually tried anything made from oats before; and so – I decided to return to the shops that same day… and purchase the baby and adult version of this cream… along with the baby bath wash. I’m. glad. I. did.

I noticed that after bathing my tot in the Aveeno wash – and then plastering him in the moisturiser afterwards… that he somehow seemed to be a fair bit smoother. The part that struck me most about all of this, was that the next day… to my amazement – my tots skin was also reasonably soft, instead of being broken out in lots of red spots as it usually would be the next morning. His skin certainly wasn’t perfect, but it was indisputably... better. Result!

And what about the adult version of this cream you might wonder…? I was excited to try this stuff I have to say; and I firstly used it on my hands. RESULT. I didn’t find it to be horribly greasy, to that point as always… where I only end up washing it off. I then tried it on my body after showering – and again… I couldn’t actually find anything to complain about. The real tester came the moment I washed my face in the evening and applied it… yet again – absolutely fine. I found that it was really moisturising… without being sticky or terribly greasy.

In all, I would say – that if you’re looking for a moisturiser that isn’t overly expensive, for you and your little one… then Aveeno could certainly be worth a try. It comes in at around £6.00-£18.00, depending on the size of the bottle – so not as cheap as your other drugstore options, but for the results, I personally would buy it any day… over one of the £60.00 bottles I own… just sitting in a drawer – as I find it too greasy!

If you or you tot – have easily aggravated skin, then I would confidently recommend giving the au naturel Aveeno brand a go : ).

I really hope this will help with your moisturiser journey – and I’d love to hear your thoughts… feel free to leave a comment and subscribe for more from B&M :O)

With warm wishes as always,

Olivia… ‘FLY’ ; )


Since it’s Halloween Soon… Happy Halloween ; )

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