Podcast Episode No. 1 – Mental Health Awareness – Vulnerability:

World Mental Health Day – Vulnerability Mind Your Own Mind

Raising awareness for mental health… let’s keep talking – let’s be there for each other. Please excuse the podcast quality – certainly not the most polished, but all the same, I had some things that I needed to say for World Mental Health Day. Let’s make EVERY DAY… a Mental Health Awareness Day. Feel free to visit me, at beautyandthemum.com With best wishes, Olivia xo
Podcast Episode No. 1: World Mental Health Day – Vulnerability

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Dear readers,

Thank you for visiting me at Beauty & The Mum – it really means a lot to me : )

I knew that I would… eventually begin a new podcast – it’s just been a case of finding the time! But with it being, such an important weekend – the weekend of Mental Heath Awareness… a weekend for reflection; I wanted to play my part, in helping to continue, to raise awareness, surrounding this sometimes devastating issue.

Mental Health – is applicable world-wide. It can happen to any one of us… even the most unexpected people amongst us.

Please bare with me on the podcast quality – it’s certainly not the most polished… but all the same – I had some things that I felt the need to say… for mental health weekend.

Make every day – a mental health awareness day… and always be kind.

Please leave comments below; and by all means, follow me on Podbean and Instagram for future podcasts : )

Best wishes,

Olivia xo


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